'Reflections on a Utah bus' - Image by Graham Gawthorpe

More goes into our books and courses for you to get more out of them. Surprise yourself with what you can achieve.

Their beauty lies in making things easy to understand.

Big 5+
It happens to us all. We feel our pictures are not quite as good as they used to be.

Here’s why - and what we can do about it.

Professionals could find the book pays for itself within a week. It’s value to enthusiasts is a lifetime’s enjoyment.

Available in both ebook and paperback

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iPhoneSecrets +
If you imagined iPhone cameras were just for snaps, think again.

For the cost of a couple of coffees discover all the ‘hidden’ controls, and be inspired to take those superb pictures you never thought possible with an iPhone. (Up to and including iPhone XS).

Available as ebook or paperback in the 'If I can, you can !' series. An essential companion for that ‘camera in your pocket’.

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China girl+
This may not look like a text book - but it is.

Teachers and amateur enthusiasts will find it invaluable. When enthusiasm is not captured early-on, learning can easily go downhill.

Covering a wealth of photographic principles, the book allows teachers to tweak the finer details to suit their particular needs.

All readers are welcome to email us for further help with their photography.

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Landscape and more (2)+
Almost anyone can take pretty landscape pictures - but that’s not the point. Here’s a refreshing guide to its real pleasures and benefits.

Our hope is to inspire readers to produce the kind of pictures that give pleasure to both them and the rest of us.

We would be failing them if, in return, we didn’t offer lots of practical advice, some of which won’t be found elsewhere, for finding that pleasure and satisfaction.

Holiday and Travel photography are included

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If we were starting-out in photography again this is the one we'd choose, and avoid making all those mistakes that beginners seem to make.

In non-technical plain English it covers all you need to know for experiencing the enjoyment of great pictures.

Without doubt, you'll get your money's worth, and can email us if any further help is needed.

As a special treat, a copy of 'My iPhone Companion' is included free of charge

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The ‘little help we need’ may be easier in the form of a guided online course. On the next page you’ll find three different approaches, each with the welcome benefit of a personal tutor, or coach.

Enjoy working in your own home, at your own pace, and with no pressure.

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